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10/01/ 2011

Remembering Lincoln City legends Richard Butcher and Keith Alexander

Richard Butcher's death sent shockwaves through the football world  last year. As a special memorial prepares to be unveiled in his and Keith Alexander's honour,   Leigh Curtis talks to us  about life after the midfielder's death and why it was so important to pay tribute to his close friend...



  1. Richard Butcher and Keith Alexander

    The iconic image of Richard Butcher and Keith Alexander


It is the first anniversary of Richard Butcher's death and his family and friends still    cannot bear to delete his  number from there mobile phones.


Grief clearly still pervades the daily lives of those who were close to Butcher, the midfielder who was once the apple of this city's eye.

The boyish good looks, combined with  immense talent made him a pin-up to the females and made him the ideal cover star of the memorable Keith Alexander era.

Often regarded  as one of the fittest players ever to grace the lower leagues it is for that reason why a year on his death still shocks like a jolt from a pylon.

At 29, Butcher was in the prime of his career, but he was found dead  at his home in Swinton, Salford.


The blow it meted it out to his former Lincoln team-mates is still evident especially as because under Alexander they were not only comrades in battle but great friends.

"It was often said that Butch was one of the fittest players around and you could not dispute that,"

"He was unbelievable really in the fact he could run and run and run which is something he used to pride himself  on.

"So for him to die of something like that was such a shock  to the system because he was the last person you would expect it to happen to.

"It hit everyone so hard because he was such a well loved person and it left his Mum Dad

and family in a state of shock something they will never get over

"The lads were devastated too. You have to remember at Lincoln we were all brought together by Keith Alexander and as the team grew, the bond we had also grew as well.

"We were not just team-mates, but great friends. We would go on holiday together, we would go out into town and even when we went our separate ways, we always, always, got together.

"I've always said that bond will never be recreated. What we had at Lincoln was something incredibly  special and no money could buy it.

"So to lose Butch like we did was like losing  a family member.  Paul Morgan was really affected by it.

"He was the captain at Lincoln, but was playing with Butch at Macclesfield at the time that he died.

"Morgs was helping Butch with his physiotherapist course which they were both studying for. After he  died, Morgs really struggled."

Butcher's memory continues to live on, however, and a sea of Tweets flew into the timelines of many users when  a whole host of players paid tribute to him this week.

Blackpool's Gary Taylor-Fletcher, who unveiled a T-shirt with the slogan '4 you Butch you Bluenose  when he scored against Liverpool last season, was among the many.

"One year on and I can still hear his laugh and remember his terrible banter. Gone but never forgot. RIP Butch," it read.

In what will be a fitting tribute,  a memorial  will be held on Sunday at Sincil Bank, where a magnificent bronze plaque will be unveiled dedicated to Butcher and Alexander.

The former Lincoln manager died 10 months prior to his one-time protege, who often spoke with great affection for his mentor.

Like Butcher, Alexander's death still seems unreal, but fittingly the memorial is based on an iconic image of the duo.

Having raised £8,000 thanks to an array of donations from fans and fund-raising initiatives, two plaques have been created. One will be erected at Lincoln, the other will go to  Macclesfield, his last club.

"When we were at Richard's funeral a few of the lads were talking about how we could do something special for Butch and Keith,"

"So we did a bit of investigating and in the end we decided on a bronze memorial.

"Laura Lian, a sculptor, specialises in them and has done a magnificent job.

"We used the picture of Butch and Keith walking off the pitch together with their arms around each other's shoulder.

"As soon as we saw that picture, you just knew there was no other that would come close to matching its power.

"Now it has been immortalised in bronze and I can't think of anything more fitting for two fantastic people who will never be forgotten

"Everyone is welcome  because I know Butch had lots of fans and plenty of his former  team-mates are set to come.

"It's only right that everyone who knew, or who cheered on Butch and Keith, come down and remember two very special characters.