Richard found Keith Alexander Death very hard to deal with as Richard was driving back from the Notts County Game the night before Keith's Death and every thing was fine.  They were loughing and jocking about Kids home work and how hard it was and how Keith loved to help his kids do their home work.

And thats how Keith was just so easy to talk to about anything with all of his player's. 

And Gary Simpson now Lincoln City manager is the same.  Richard was so upset for Keith's family such a nice family.

We find it so hard to believe that just Ten month's later the death of Richard  happened.

 So fit and he was so proud of that always worked hard.  Richard never showed no signs of being ill his fitness levels never dropped at any time their was no signs at all.

With all the paper talk about a rare heart condition that was never found nothing was found wrong with Richards Heart they said a potential abnormal conduction pathway

Not a 100% sure as they carn't find it" we don't know they said so as far as we are concerned we still don't know why Richard Died.  So they have to put Cardiac they are not aloud to put unknown on a death certificate anymore so they have to put something. Richard had heart scans and nothing ever showed up to say there was anything wrong with him there is no concrete evidance to say there was anything wrong with Richards Heart.  There are alot of reason why people die of sudden Death syndrome and they can give a reason why it happend  for some people but this is not the case for us.

So it is rare what happend to Richard because nothing was found to say why he died.  Richard had a heart scan 12 months before he died and he was given a full fitness test nothing showed up on the scan to say anything was wrong with him he was given the all clear  Fabrice muamber a Bolton player also had a  scan the day before so i am aware and would have been checked more than most like Richard.  I am sure he would have not played if anything had shown up.

Richards heart was sent to london and there was no concrete evidance to the reason why he died heart scans can show alot of defects up and alot of people lives can be saved after reading up about sudden death syndrome there are lots of different reasons why people die in this way some caurses can be found but nothing was found regarding Richard's.

This is not just about footballers this can happen to anyone speical fit young people.

The Autopsy and the coroners report did not give us any reason for Richards death i even took it to my doctors and he said they dont know why Richard Died i was not sent a copy of Richards death certificate.   As Richards mother and father we had to phone round to try and find out where our son had been registered so we could get a copy.


This can happen to anyone you don't have to be a footballer please look on cry Cardiac risk in the young There are lots of different reasons why this can happen and its not as rare as you think.  There are lots of different types of Arrhythima and this was never pick up in Richard's case and you carn't tell after death if Richard had that or not. 

We talked to Richard that night and he was fine he showed no sign's of feeling ill Richard was the sort to say if he did.   He talked about Football for an hour to his Dad as they alway's did and he talked to me his Mum for a Good Half hour about every day thing's and his course work he said i love you mum phone you tomorrow i said love you to. Their was no damage found with Richard's heart to show their was anything wrong with him.

Richard thought the world of Keith and the thought of Richard being with him helps us so much.  We miss you and love you and our thoughts go out to Keith Family to.

And we are sure their are lots of people out there going through the same feelings as we are.   Our thoughts are with them to.  Untill it happens to you no one can ever understand how you feel it's not their fault.

To loose a child is just not right its all the wrong way round.  We have people we know who have lost their child to.  But now i know just how they realy feel inside and how hard it must be for them. 

The only time i have known Richard to feel unwell before he died was when he had the swine flu injection 3 weeks before he died i asked him not to train as he said he had a realy bad night and sounded poorly on the phone.  But Richard being Richard would never miss training.  

 But having said that he sounded well the night he died and never showed no signs of feeling ill.  I do feel did this have something to do with Richard's Death in my own mind it's all i have to hang on to for a reason why he died because he was so fit.

 Please read link above thank you.