The information I have put on here Is through my own Esperance in dealing with my sons death 10/01/2011

Whether it’s right or wrong this is what I was told at the time.

  So please take the time to investigate your self and ask question  


  1. GOVERMENT LAW: Set amount  is the first £450,000 + will go to next of kin any thing over that amount will be " Half again".  Will go to next of kin this amount do's not include the marital home.  Any personal things  cars , bank acounts Houses ect will all go to next of kin even if they are not named on them if there is No WILL.
  2. THIS DO"S: not matter whether your next of kin is named or not on any paper work all will still go to your next of kin if there is no will.
  3. IF THERE ARE CHILDRENThis will be shared with next of kin and children and put into to trust for them when they come of age.
  4. IF YOU HAVE INSURANCE POLICIES:  Death in service policy with your work or any other policy and you have named your Son Daughter or Mother or Brother ect: on that policy.  Please check with the company that your expression of wishes will be carried out.  If there is no will it is down to the trustees" discretion of the company and they can pay it to who they wish.  Regardless who you have named on your form.
  5. YOU MAY HAVE: Named your son on one policy and your next of kin on your second  policy as you wish to share the amount you have to leave them.  If anything should happen to you without a WILL this will not happen.  It will go to your next of kin even though you have named your son on one of the policy"s.
  6. IF YOU HAVE A MORGAGE:  You may take life cover out on that morgage and you may have named your Daughter or Son and not your next of kin.  The Banks will not contact the person who is named on the life cover they will only tell the next of kin who is named on the policy.  If you don't have a WILL that person will never find out that they was Named by you on that policy.  The next of kin do not have to tell you. By Law
  7. EVEN If you know your named is on a policy because that person told you the Banks still do not have to talk to you.  They will only talk to the next of kin.
  8. THE LAW: Also states you have no legal rights over your child in the event of there " Death" if they are Married. 1 week 1 year ect .  which is very hard as a parent to deal with when they die young.   All rights go to next of kin and there family.  Like you never had that child.
  9. I hope this will help some people understand the law as i feel most people don't know the law untill its to late.  The law is not on your side if it's your child that has Died.   MAKE A WILL NO MATTER WHAT AGE YOU ARE.
  11. WHEN OUR SON RICHARD ARRIVED AT LINCOLN FROM MANCHESTER: we spent 3 weeks in a hotel just so we could be with our  Son.  There was no way we was coming back to Northampton we spent every minnute bit of time with Richard that we could There was no way we was ever going to leave Richard all the family came to lincoln to see richard all stayed in hotels.  Thank you to macclesfield Town and lincoln City and Carlsberg Northampton for there support.  It ment so much to us.   The P.F.A did" NOT" contact us once to even ask if we was ok as Richards parents or how we were coping or did we need any help it is there job to do so if your son is a professional footballer..   My kids are our world like any parent. I have sent a letter to the Goverment.
  12. IF A FAMILY DIED IN A CAR CRASH:  if you and your spouse were to die at the same time in a car acciedent the younger of the two would be classed as the last person to Die therefore the estate would be transferd to that side of the family if there is no will.
  13. IF YOU WRITE A WILL before you got married the will do's not stand ofter Death. The Law will say you might have change it because you got married.
  14. RICHARD IS BACK HOME WITH US NOW:  In Northampton but even that by Law you don't have a say but you can fight for half of them and hope the next of kin see's sence which they did in our case in the end.  As Richard had no children if he had it would have been different.   We felt he should be back with his Family where he would want to be there are lots of things you think about when your child dies and one of them is you would like to be layed to rest with them when your time comes.  You are Forced to beg because of the Law.
  15.   The Law should not be Black & White it should be Fare.  It is enough to send you mad and to the point of no return.
  16. Richard was 29 a grown man but he had only been Married for 7 months and he had no children richard was not here to say what he would have liked. But as a mother and a father and if you know your child as well as we did you know what they would have wanted.
  17. And that would be to be with his family.