"Do You believe i do"





                                     Since Richard Died I have been to see alot of these people and what they have said no one would know.  Glenn Richard Brother had a tatoo done with Brother on his back no one knew about this tatoo.  Richard said tell Glenn i love his Tatoo this was just a few days after he had it done she even knew what it said Brother. At a later date Glenn also had a large tatoo done on his back of his brother with wings she told me about the tatoo.

Only his brother knew about it he never told anyone.

Glenn Richard's Brother had also just had his hair cut and Richard said it was to short one side when i got home i said to Glenn Richards Brother have you just had your hair cut he said yes but they have made a mess of it.  Its too short one side.

Richard also said about some boxer shorts he had gave to his brother they had lips on he said tell Glenn i Dont want them back i did not know about this so i ask Glenn do you have some boxers shorts of Richard's he said yes they have lips on i could not believe what he was saying.

I had also cut some hair from Richard to keep and she said richard would like his hair back laughing about it and he said he like a big bed and the coffin was a tight fit. And he was sorry i did not get my flowers on his coffin which i would have liked a big spray of white flowers from everyone thats what i wanted and he said you should have had them mum how do these people know these things. she knew what flower's i wanted.

They also told  me in great detail how keith died to prove to me that Richard was with him no one but Richard would have known what happened to Keith and what she said was so true she even talked about Keith's kids and how they were jocking about kids home work.

He also asked me were all his things were and what happened to his car's and houses and he didan't understand what had happened to him.  He didan't want to talk about that.  But he told me he is with me every minute of the day and he said mum you are right i didan't believe 100% but i want you to know you were right as Richard knew i believed.

He also said richard and keith were cooking up a few tricks to play on Gary Simpson i bet they are too.

Richard would always tell me what he was doing and i know from these people he is with me every mintute because what they told me no one would know.

They told me about the Tributes at Macclesfield and lincoln and how proud they are about them.  I Talk to Richard every day i tell all whats going on. 

 And how these people know what they told me i dont know.  But my Richard know's what is going on because how would they know these things. 

2/11/2011 went to see a medium today and what she told me i carn't believe i brought some knew boot's for Richard's grave with his name on and Richard said about these boot's and how much he liked them. I never told no one about the Boots.

He also said about what photo's i had put on his grave and the doves and how much he loved it.  He talked about what breckfast Richard and his brother cooked for me one mother's day it had everything on  the plate it was over flowing how she knew all this i don't know'

Richard also said about kettering Town and they alway's called him Ricky and she should tell her husband as it happened he had supported kettering for the last 40 years.

He said about a tree that Andy scott Macclesfield were talking about giving us to put in our garden and how nice it was of them to think of that.  I wear a neckless with Richard's photo in and i had a scarf round my neck so no one could see it and Richard told her about that and said he love's it.

He also talked about the thing's i carry in my bag photo's a cross and some hair of Richard's and a angal they are in my bag all the time no one would know.

She also said about Richard's Dad and Brother they have some clothe's of Richard's and they wear them all the time around the house and he laughed and said about them being to big for them.

 He said he has a new job know and that is to look after us and he is with us all the time how these people know these thing's i don't know but no one could know only Richard.  I Had also made some photo's to fit in Richard'd Dads wallet and his Brother's and Richard Told this lady about that too. I had only just done them that day.  

This lady also talk about my grandparent's my nan she died when i was four and she talked about both of my paps who we looked after for 8 years one of them lived with us and Richard help us with them both.


 You see i have to believe. 

Their is a Orb on the Curtain at Richards Rundraising Night and it looks like a child's face i like to think it was Richard with us.  You see we have to believe or their is nothing. 

I was also told about a baby that would be Born and it would be a boy and he would be born around Richard's Birthday.  And i have since been told by a friend that their daughter's baby is going to be born around this time and it is a Boy.

I never gave these people my Name they did not know who i was

And i told them nothing.