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New Total After Donation


Our Donation To Macclesfield Town f.c 23/04/2016

please follow link below thank you 



After advertising on the 11/02/2016 in our local paper the Northampton Chronicle and our face book charity page & our website to invite anyone who would like to come forward with their ideas in memory of Richard Butcher no application or ideas were sent to the charity in our local area the Richard Butcher memorial trust held a meeting on the 4/04/2016  

And our committee and Tony Clark have all agreed that the money raised from the Richard Butcher memorial trust will be shared between two projects in memory of Richard Butcher one being at Macclesfield Town F.C and the second being at Kettering Town F.C there will also be a portrait in memory placed at Northampton Town F.C and Lincoln City F.C.

Book : Butch The Wings of football

It has been agreed by the committee that the proceeds from the on line sales Amazon from the book Butch The Wings of Football will be donated to Macclesfield Town Football Club towards their project in Richard Memory.

Of line prints will also be available and will be donated by the Author Mrs Gail Butcher to both clubs Kettering Town F.C and Macclesfield Town F.C all proceeds made from any of the of line sales from the book Butch The Wings of football will go to there clubs projects in memory of Richard Butcher.  

The portrait at Lincoln will be of Richard Butcher and Keith Alexander

Further information about the projects will be given at a later date total raised £39,060.58p  



The Richard Butcher memorial Trust will be holding a meeting on the 4th April 2016 which will enable us to moves things forward with Macclesfield Town F.C
I am really impressed with the ideas that have come forward by Macclesfield Town and the hard work they all put into their community. we will place all the information on our website to show the public what has been achieved by the trusts donation in supporting Macclesfield Towns community sports trust.

You will also be able to follow their website to keep you up to date with their achievements in Richards memory which i will put up at a later date.

We would like to thank everyone for their support.

 Richard Butcher memorial Trust

01/02/2016 -05/02/2016

Before Christmas the Richard Butcher memorial Trust held a meeting it was all agree by members that they would like myself Richards Mum and Dad to decide what would be best to have in our son Richards Memory we have thought long and hard and we both thought that Richard had an amazing career at Kettering Town F.C this is were his dream all started and took of we have great memories with Kettering Town football club and so did Richard the Lyon heart they called him Ricky Butcher would be shouted from the roof tops. We also thought this would also keep his memory a live and close by. Kettering is in the Northampton catchment area so we feel it would be a fantastic tribute to him and local people would be more than welcome at Kettering Town F.C.

We also agreed together that Macclesfield Town F.C would be our second chosen club because this is where Our son passed away at the young age of 29 years old they have given us fantastic support with the charity with donating football kits and footballs and coats to a local team and with giving them an amazing day out with a coach trip paid for by Macclesfield Town they have also helped raise funds for the charity and sold many books. Butch the wings of football which is in our local book shops Waterstones Northampton and Kettering
But the most important thing to us as a family is they have always kept Richards name alive with the fans fantastic flag and beautiful portraits that hang proudly at their football club.

With the amount of money raised it is limited to spread the money to far and wide for their to be a fitting tribute and a long lasting legacy in his memory but if anyone wishes to come forward with any ideas of their own then please do so we will be quite happy to look at your ideas but this must be in Richards memory and a long lasting legacy.

If any of the football clubs or local people would like to come forward with their ideas of a fitting tribute then we would be pleased to listen to you.

More details will be given at a later date but this just gives people an idea on our thoughts as a family. We have had allot of support in and outside of Northampton and we would like to say thank you so much to everyone we are so sorry that we were let down by N.B.C which has forced us to come to this decision the land that was offered to us through cabinet has now been declined and there is no other land.

Our total amount so far in our charity account is £38,742.58p

The ideas that have come forward do cover all our aims and objectives that the charity has tried to achieve. Your welcome to contact my self Mrs Gail Butcher on 01604 453596.




 shown here follow the link thank you.

A meeting was held on the 11/09/2015 with Northampton Borough Council we are waiting on a letter to hand out to the public as soon as we recieve the letter we can up date you all thank for being so patient 

 23/07/2015 Just to let people know i am still trying to get some answers from Northampton Borough council regarding the land that was offered to us through cabinet at Eagle drive i will give a full report once i have some more information thank you for being patient.





 This leaflet will be posted out to the public






02/06/2015 I have since had a letter from Mr David Mackintosh telling me i have declined some land.  I have written back to him and asked him which peace of land is this. 

Just a reminder of some of the land we have looked at for the memorial pitch and to say to people without verbal and massive support in numbers the memorial pitch may not happen you can be offered a hundred pieces of land but if they are not suitable then it's no good.

If we don't have a full size pitch the kids will soon grow up and will be unable to play on the pitch because it want be big enough for their age group anymore and they will have to move on some where else which again is defeating the object of what we are trying to do.

Sorry I can't show you pictures of all the land it is very difficult to show you how steep some of the land is in a photo.

If you would like to write to our M.P Mr David Mackintosh about why you would want the memorial pitch and club house for our future generations to come then please do so to

 White Lodge 42 Billing Road Northampton NN1 5DA Telephone: 01604 633414 or make an appointment. E-mail


The Richard Butcher memorial pitch has gone through on the cabinet report along with Northampton Town, Saints Rugby Club and the Equestrian centre.


Other Land:  at the back of Barclay card this was not suitable it was like ski slop and very steep.

 On the 4th march 2015 we were offered to look at land around the land that had been promised to us.  land down by the river eagle drive which is like a ski slop and land at the back of the Marriott hotel which is not big enough  i contacted the Marriott hotel and they were un aware of this. 


We also looked at land down by Airflow stream lines this is privately owned and the charity can not afford to buy land.


Some people say we could just have a football pitch in memory I asked where are we meant to put who it is in memory of and this really does defeat the object of what we have been trying to do. 

We already have football pitch's the memorial pitch was meant to be up market to the P.F.A standards so our kids could benefit from a better standard of football and would bring the community together.  


1       The land at Briar hill

Is a recreational area the same as far cotton rec so we can't Build on that and even if we could the land is so close to the local residence house they may not be to happy having football facilities right on there door step and there would also be an issue with parking right out side peoples front doors.   Briar hill and Briar 1 both use this piece of land for there kids to play on.

2 Also we look at Briar hill Walk at the back of the school but this is privately owned as well and also local residence complained about people parking on there drive way and took it upon there self to glue the locks to the gates so the kids could not use the pitch. We also asked the school if we could use the played ground as a parking area and this was not possible.


3 Mereway police stations we looked into to this land

 We was offered to look at a piece of land again this was a funny shape and was not big enough

 The pitches they already have are in use at the police station.   Because the land is kept encase there is a war and it would be used for a mortuary. We ask if we could have one of the pitches but they said this was not possible. 


4       Far Cotton rec is a recreational area and is used for the public and we can't build on that again if we could we still would have the issue with parking and the people who live in that area may not be to pleased they have already complain about the parking.

5       The land at the allotments some of that is private land and it is hard to get hold of the people who own it which we have tried.  Again parking may be an issue if this could happen.


6       The land at the back of the boxing club no one knows who owns it but we still went ahead and looked into the land the land is to small and go's into a shape of a point so it would not be big enough again we will also have issues with parking which will upset the local residence. You can only fit a five aside pitch their no club house for football.


7       The land over by the K.F.C under the sub way is land right in between to rivers and this land also gets flooded and it is not big enough and also if it was big enough you would still worry about the safety of the children.

8       The land round nun mills there will be a university build there and a new housing estate so there is no land there. If there was sports facility built there it would be for the university to use and for the local new housing estate so I believe.


9       The land at the front of the Abbey on the left hand side by the little train: This land was looked into  there are protected trees and we have been told that if we was aloud a pitch there we could not take trees down and we would also affect the lottery funding for the abbey house and we could not have a building on there.

Also the land is not big enough for a full size pitch so the kids will grow out of it and will have to move on and play some where else.


10:  Land at Eagle Drive between the Golf complex and the Marriott hotel and the Northampton ski club:  

This land is were a few horses grazes in a field at the bottom near the river. Over the years when my kids were growing up in far cotton we have only seen about 4 horses no one has ever known more than 2-4 horses being in the fields.

There is more than one field on this land and I think people should go up and take a look for there selves.  The peace of land we have talk to the council about over the past three and half years  is at the top part of the land where it is most flat and it is nearer to Golf complex well away from the horses.

 The land has been look at by the council and they have told us that there is enough room for the horses and for us to have a small peace of land and this would not affect the equestrians at all and the horses can still graze there and they can only gain more work.

The Richard Butcher memorial pitch has gone through on the cabinet report along with Northampton Town, Saints Rugby Club and the Equestrian centre.


We have been told no one else is involved with the land ie the Saints and Northampton Town do not want any of the land so there is enough room for us and the equestrians.


Kind regards


Mrs Gail Butcher


Records kept of dates of meetings and emails over the past three and half years 2011-2015
Richard Butcher memorial pitch.
People who attended council meetings with me Sue Dean some meetings, Lisa Graham nearly all meetings , Geraldine Davis some meeting, Graham Walker some meetings, Tony Clarke nearly all meetings apart from one or two, Richard Butcher my Husband, Gail Butcher all meetings.

3rd September email to Brian Binley MP
7th September letter sent investigation into land at the boxing club Google earth proved the land was not big enough you would only get a 5 aside pitch and no club house their would be problems with parking and would upset local residence who live near by.
27th September David chambers
13th October email to and from Jennifer Mudge to find our who owns some land we were looking at.
13th October email from Geraldine Davis about a piece of land.
Geraldine Davis, Gail Butcher, Richard Butcher, Tony Clark looked at all this land.
1: Land boxing club Google earth proved the land was not big enough you would only get a 5 aside pitch and no club house their would be problems with parking and would upset local residence who live near by.
2: Land looked at was Briar Hill can't build on it.
3: Briar hill walk back of school privately owned problems with parking and local residence.
4: Mereway police station piece of land offered to small.
5: Far cotton rec can't build on it.
6: The land round Nun Mills being built on university and housing estate
7: The land at the front of the Abbey can't pull trees down visitors centre I think is being put their and tea room in the stables so I am told.
8: The land behind Barclay Card eagle drive like ski slop not suitable.
9: Land behind the Marriott Hotel not big enough and not suitable for kids to use hotel with muddy boots been in contact with them they know nothing about it.
And land down by the river eagle drive is on slop and a flood plain area.
10: Land near K.F.C is between to rivers either side of land not suitable and not big enough.
11: The land at the top of eagle drive was suitable very flat.
17th October email from Mr Brian Binley
20th October letter from FODA in support of the memorial pitch
4th November: letter of reply from Mr David Mackintosh.
12th November meeting with Brian Binley 9.40
15th November Letter sent to Mr Kennedy from Brian Binley.
16th November: letter from Brian Binley MP to David Kennedy in support memorial pitch.
21st November Letter from Mr David Mackintosh organising a meeting about our project.
22nd November a letter was sent to Mr Brian Binley from David Kennedy
1st December 2pm meeting

Meetings with David Mackintosh & Brandon Eldred & Julie Seddon
Letter from Mick ford local residence meeting changing his mind about supporting the memorial pitch not date on letter.
10th January 3pm with David Mackintosh & Brendon Eldred
23rd January email to Jenna Parton to let her know at least 12 of us will attend meeting
26th January evening meeting
28th February 2pm Meeting
6th March email from Geraldine Davies
16th March Letter from Mr Brian Binley MP supporting the memorial pitch
22nd March Marriott hotel 7.30 Mr David Mackintosh and Brandon and Brian Tony Clark Gail Butcher Graham Walker, Richard Butcher, Geraldine Davis.
23rd March email to thank the council for the meeting at eagle drive.
30th May emailed David Clarke about the memorial pitch
3rd May meeting: 2pm
5th June email from David Clarke Director DCA
7th June: 4.30 meeting
12th June email to Northampton saints tell them my concerns about eagle drive I felt there was not enough room for all.
13th June 3.30 meeting with Peter Stracham
13th June emailed Lucy Clifton to tell her I was UN aware of the article in the paper about the saints.
11th June 2pm meeting
17th June email Brandon Eldred
14th - 15th June email from Lucy Clifton and my reply I also made appointments to see Chris at the saints rugby club with my husband to voice our concerns about the land.
22nd June email meeting arranged with Julie Seddon Guild hall
26th June: 5pm meeting David Mackintosh
27th June email from Mr David Mackintosh outlining on how the land could accommodate 2 Rugby Pitches for the saints at eagle drive and two football pitches.
And then asked me to confirm in writing whether we wished out project to be included
27th June a rough plain was drawn up.
27th June email from Brendan Glynane about the battlefield site.
28th June email sent to David Mackintosh options plan drawn up by the council eagle drive
29th June emailed sent to David Mackintosh copy of a plan we drew up other options.
29th June email from Mr David Mackintosh saying the cabernet report doesn't need to give a finalised plan it just allows further discussions to begin.
5th July email from Mr David Mackintosh saying he did not realise I wanted the football in the community to be apart of the proposal.
5th July email to Mr David Mackintosh I also asked why Northampton Town F.C were on the cabinet report to do with eagle drive.
5th July email to Mr David Mackintosh telling him, I have been in contact with the saints rugby club as we did not realise they were apart of what we were trying to do at eagle drive.

4th July email set by David Mackintosh copy of cabinet report also complaint against Mr Brendon Glynane about his actions at the local residence meetings sent to Mr David Mackintosh.
6th July Geraldine Davis emailed Lucy Clifton about the cabinet report
Names on the Cabinet report eagle drive Northampton Town, Saints Rugby Club, Richard Butcher memorial Pitch, Equestrians centre.
10th July email from Geraldine Davis changes in use of land at eagle drive (Battlefield Trust)
12th July email to David Mackintosh saying how upset I was about the meeting and the post that had been post out by Mr Brendon Glynane (cabinet meeting)
21st July meeting with Brian Binley Duston community centre
24th July email sent by Daniel Jwanczuk about memorial pitch Vice chairman far cotton residence
30th July meeting with Mr Brian Binley on the 4th August
20th August meeting with Peter Strachan
26th October: 1pm meeting
3oth August: meeting held at st Mary's church Mr David Mackintosh and Brandon Gail Butcher Graham Walker, Richard Butcher, Geraldine Davis Brian Bingley and Chris from the saints ruby club.
I set the meeting up but Brendon Glynane posted leaflets out about the meeting at st Mary's church.
31st August email sent to complain about what happened at the church meeting
After this meeting a letter was sent from the Delapre old boys pulling out of their support for the memorial pitch.
2nd November letter from Mike Wickham
5th November I put in a complaint about Mr Brendon Glynane
9th November email sent to Brandon Eldred about Alan Clark coming to see me about the battlefield he spent all night at my home.
12th November email to Brandon Eldred about the local residence meeting being used to course problems.
26th November email to ask if things had been sorted out as regards the equestrians and could they put something out in the future to the public.
29th November email from Mr David Mackintosh saying they will be announcing a further archaeological examination of the battlefield site.
4th December emails from Mike Wickham
4th December email from David Mackintosh as soon as anything has been agreed as regards eagle drive he will get something out to the public. Meeting with Joe Biskupski I asked for something to be put out to the public in our defence.
6th December emailed: David Mackintosh about sending letters in support for the public notice
Email from Brendon Eldred on the 5th to see if he can get something out to the public as I felt our charity was being let down by the council.
10th December email to David Mackintosh about the meetings at our local residence in far cotton
14th December 2pm appointment made with Matthew Toresen Volunteers centre
14th December meeting: with the volunteers officer paper was given the same as Peter Strackon I felt we were going round in circles.
18th December email from Matthew Toresen
15th December email to David Mackintosh
19th December email from Caroline Burke to set up meeting with David Mackintosh

Meetings with David Mackintosh & Brandon Eldred & Julie Seddon
10th January David Mackintosh
14th January email to Brandon Lewis communities telling him about my concerns as I felt the charity was suffering with all that was going on.
15th January Julie Seddon
14th February email from Brandon Eldred email on up dates and hope to release something in the press.
19th February emailed: David mackintosh about the poster that were being put out around our local area I felt this was upsetting our charity events.
19th February letter about my complaint from Marianne McCarthy Northampton Borough council
1st march email David Mackintosh to tell him the friends of Delapre abbey had pulled out of there support
25th March email from Mr David Mackintosh saying they will put a leaflet out after Easter.
31st March letter from Brian Markham election agent Brendon Glynane complaining about my news letter I put out to the public. Not very nice remarks
16th April email sent to Brandon Eldred to let him know I made an appointment with Kristy frior the F.A Brandon Eldred nor Mr David Mackintosh could not make the appointment.
19th April emailed Mr David Mackintosh about our charity number.
25th April emailed Mr David Mackintosh about Brendon Glynane complaints were being made against my charity for no reason I asked him to contact me as this really had to stop.
28th April email to David Mackintosh about the leaflet Brendon Glynane had put out to the public
30th April emailed a copy of a letter to Mr David Mackintosh sent out to the public by Lucy Clifton equestrians centre.
3rd may 2pm meeting with Julia Tinker Delapre Abbey
7th May email from Susanne Holmes summery of the location of the Battle
8th may email from Geraldine Davis about a meeting on the 9th may I also coped Mr Brandon Eldred in with this Subject Conservation plain Northampton Battle was advised to make an appointment with the council about it.
30th May email to Mr David Mackintosh telling him I need something in writing regarding the land at eagle drive as the cabinet report is not enough to apply for funding and Julie Seddon said once we get our charity number they could sort the lease out for the land.
We were looking at a pepper corn lease for 25 years without this we will not get certain funding to support our project.
31st may email from Mr David Mackintosh saying he would ask Brandon to look into this.
31st May: 9pm
6th June emailed David Mackintosh about the five pieces of land that Brendon Glynane was telling people we had been offered.
12th June I emailed David Mackintosh about the University and he told me this was a separate issue and not related to eagle drive.
11th June: 2pm meeting
13th June 11'O clock meeting
24th June: 5pm meeting
27th June: 3.30 Peter Strachen
3rd July Email sent to Mr David Mackintosh saying I had been in touch with the Ombudsman about Brendon Glynane as I need things sorted out.

6th July I emailed David Mackintosh to tell him my sister in-law was very ill.
10th July email to Mr David Mackintosh telling him I have used the letter he gave me along with the cabinet report to show companies but Brendon Glynane has made life difficult and people think the saints and Northampton town are still on board and I feel frustrated because so many obstacles have been put in my way.
19th August email to David Mackintosh again telling him we can not apply for funding as his letter was not enough and we were told by Julie Seddon we would get the lease for the land once we had our charity number.
28th August emailed Mr David Mackintosh to tell him we would struggle to get funding with no lease.
29th August emailed Mr David Mackintosh to tell him my husband had a heart attack and how upset I was that Brendon Glynane had been allowed to course our family so much stress.
9th September emailed Mathew Toresen to ask if the letter David Mackintosh had supplied was enough to apply for funding
12th September Mathew Toresen said without a lease in place it would not be enough to apply for funding.
18th September letter from Buckingham palace about the Battle
20th September letter from the Queen about battle sent copy to Mr David Mackintosh.
26th September email from David Mackintosh saying he is expecting the report on the Battlefield survey back by November.
5th November email from Caroline Burke to arrange a meeting

Meetings with David Mackintosh & Brandon Eldred & Julie Seddon
1st January email to David Mackintosh asking for an appointment about the memorial pitch so I can give the public some information about what is going on as the public will lose faith because this has gone on long enough.
2nd January email to Mr David Mackintosh to tell him the public are getting restless now and we need to know where we stand. I also mention how upset I am by the way we have been treated.
9th January 4pm
20th January email from Geraldine Davis about Pam Varnsverry complaint.
22nd January email to Pam Varnsverry about her complaint.
23rd January email from Mr David Mackintosh looking to get funding for the archaeological dig.
27th January emailed Matthew Toresen to let him know I was waiting on the battlefield report to see what we have to do about the archaeological dig I asked if we can get funding to help with this.
27th January Geraldine Davis emailed Mr David mackintosh about the memorial pitch at eagle drive as we need to relay to the public what is happening.
27th January email sent to Brandon Eldred voicing my concerns about an event being held at far cotton rec to do with the charity this was cancelled by us.
29th January email sent to David Mackintosh about a meeting and hoping once the dig has taken place we can move forward.
30th January email to Mr David Mackintosh about Pam Varsbury
17th February email to David Mackintosh saying how upset I am as I felt their still was no poof on where the battle took place and it had already been built on.
21st February: 2pm
4th March: 4.30 meeting with David Mackintosh
20th April email to Mr David Mackintosh asking about dates for the dig to take place
21st April Email from David Mackintosh saying that I made political threats which I did not.
22nd April email to David Mackintosh complaining about this being turned into a political matter again.
23rd April email to David mackintosh telling him I will be doing a bucket collection at one of our local stores and how difficult it is to keep my charity going and we have offered to do the dig and without the lease it is proving very difficult.

29th April I copied Mr David Mackintosh in with a leaflet I was having printed so he could take a look before I went ahead.
24th June email to Mr David Mackintosh about my brother-in law Steven funeral and my sister-in law getting married on the same weekend.
24th June email to David Mackintosh about the land offered at the back of Barclay card (Not Suitable)
24th June I was copying in Graham Mr Brian Binley caseworker with our progress regarding the memorial pitch.
29th June email from David Mackintosh saying the archaeological work needs to be in accordance with the conservation management.
8th July email to David Mackintosh asking about the visitors centre and where it will be located at Delapre Abbey.
8th July email to David Mackintosh asking for a meeting as soon as possible about the land at eagle drive as the land was promised to us. I also said that I felt this was not doing our charity any good
9th July email to Mr David Mackintosh asking if I could speak at the cabinet meeting I was told I had to register before 12 noon.
9th July email from Mr David Mackintosh saying that the report agreed yesterday actually allows for work on getting funding for the Archaeological to go ahead.
14th July email from Mr David Mackintosh with some answers to my question I sent him I wanted to speak at the cabinet meeting I was asked to send a letter and It would be read out but it was not I was not allowed to speak.
19th July Mathew 11'am
30th July: 3.30 David Mackintosh
28th November community star awards were being given out by the NN4eight group who were the local residence at one stage.

Meetings with David Mackintosh & Brandon Eldred & Julie Seddon
4th February: 5pm Julie Seddon, David Mackintosh, Brandon Eldred
3rd March email about our meeting
4th March: 5.30 Julie Seddon, David Mackintosh, Brandon Eldred
11th march email sent to David Mackintosh saying how upset we are about being offered other land around the land that was offered in the first place we felt they had gone back on there word.
16th March a email sent to David Mackintosh to asked for minutes regarding our meetings
27th march email sent to David Mackintosh answering his questions. No reply.
I have asked for all the minutes regarding our local residence meeting to do with the memorial pitch
I also asked for all the minutes of our meetings with the council but they do not hold any minutes of there meeting with me. Letter dated 20th April 2015.

10/04/2015 the Richard Butcher memorial trust will wait untill June 2015 to see who is elected and will see where we go from here we will always keep the public informed


 How it all started just a small summary of just part of what been going on.

I started going to our local residence meeting where Lib den councillor Brendon Glynane suggested Eagle drive he ask Conservative Councillor Mick ford at the time if he would
show me and my husband the land at Eagle drive and so he did their was a lot of support for the memorial pitch.

I then was advised to organise a meeting at our local church to talk about the memorial pitch by Mr Graham walker who is now running for the conservatives.

Mr David Mackintosh came with all the other councillors before the meeting my self and my husband asked have you spoken to the equestrians the councillors reply was no we haven't.

Then I knew we were in for trouble at the meeting which was turned into a political stunt by Mr Brendon Glynane who was the very person who suggested the land. The saints were also brought on board un known to us by the council.

After this meeting a local team pulled out of there support because of what was being said they just sent a letter and didn't even bother to come and speak to me about it. It turned out a couple of the players were connected to the equestrians.

Then leaflets were being posted about in our local area by the Lib Dems Mr Brendon Gynane saying we would be putting people out of business if we had a small part of the land at eagle drive which I don't believe to be true. And is un true as thier is plenty of land for all.

Then it all started about the Battle of Northampton regarding the land at eagle drive but the council still don't know where it took place. Then a cannel ball turned up several years later but was never reported at the time and we don't know where at eagle drive it was found.
Our local residence meeting were being turned into a political argument by Mr Brendon Gynane who constantly attacked the memorial pitch but non of this is shown in the minutes taken at the meetings.

This has gone on for the past three half years.

I have carried on fighting and was advised by the council to ignore it so I did then the local residence changed hands and we had knew people on board again Mr Brendan Gynane kept up his pretence and arguments I was told nasty remarks were thrown about the memorial pitch but non of this is in the minutes again.

Then Mr Graham walker who is on the residence meeting board and runs the football team called Butcher local with his son is also running for the Conservatives now he came to my home and told my self and my husband that nasty remarks where being thrown about us around the area and he said it's so bad I can't tell you I said what are they saying he would not tell me.

Then the support for the memorial starting dropping in our local area I carried on through the storm and set up an event which the Butcher locos and mangers did not attend this was not the only event they did not come to and I was getting angry about this because they wear my son's name on there shirts.

But the manager wanted more and more equipment I said no because you are not supporting the very name that you are wearing.

So I asked them why are they not coming to the events and there answer was they could not afford to come but they set there own event up anyway on the same weekend so by this time I was getting mad and could not understand why then I thought well this has got to be political as the managers father is running for the conservatives and people have tried so hard to stop my charity. 8 letters of complaints where sent in to try and stop my charity for no reason at all.

I was then told while I was walking down the street by a councillor again she said I have heard about what is going on Mrs Butcher and it is disgraceful what is being said at the council about you.

So I feel these people thought if we stop all the support Mrs Gail Butcher is getting then the charity will close and we don't have to explain what's going on with the land promised so you see it all fits do I keep going or do I not because this has been a massive battle we want go into that as well.
This is my opinion

We have offered to do the dig we have not turned land down out of spite other land has been offered but its not suitable but the land is around the land that was offered which is suitable so why have the council changed there minds they must have some other agenda for that land.

I have fought and fought against all the odds and it has all been so nasty I really do not deserve what has happened to me at all.
This is just a short summery just to let you know a bit about what has gone on.



At this moment in time we are waiting on a reply from the council regarding our last meeting on the 4th March and emails that were sent after that.

Now the land that was originally offered at Eagle drive at the top part by the main road which is flat seems to have gone a miss.

We were then offered land at the back of Barclaycard where the Golf club is with close investigation the land was like a ski slop and would cost a lot of money to do anything with I would be quiet happy... to take anyone up to see the land so they can voice there own opinion.

Then we were told that we could use the land at the back of the Marriott Hotel and the hotel can be used as changing facilities which really is not suitable. the land is not big enough and I am sure the Marriott hotel would not want a load of footballers with muddy boots running in and out of the hotel I am sure.

Then we were offered land down by the river at Eagle drive which I might add is like a ski slop as well not to mention this is meant to be where the battle took place and is in a flood plain area and we have always said we would not spoil the land scape at eagle drive.
Land offered is placed around the originally land offered if you get my meaning and both pieces of land had already been discussed over 2 years ago.

We also read in our local chrone paper not known to me that the pitch was going at the back of the boxing club far Cotton the council also know this land is not suitable and this was talk about when our charity first started so we seem to be going round in circles.

I always find it very difficult to understand about the Visitors Centre and where this is going to be placed and where the funding is coming from as we have worked so hard to raise our own funds for our community project.

The two projects could work together.

And then theirs the lost Cannel Ball which turned up after 10 years of being missing and it seems and looks like it was not reported at the time it was found.

Once I hear anything back I will keep everyone informed my point is why are we not being offered the land that was originally offered to us.

we was told once the Archaeological dig was sorted out we can then move forward as far as I am aware the council already have funding for the dig to take place.

 Dear Sir or Madam


We at the Richard Butcher Memorial Trust (Registered Charity Number 1151743) wish to celebrate the life of Richard Butcher, who started his football career thanks to a Youth Training Scheme opportunity with his home-town club, the Cobblers, by offering other young footballers, a chance to follow in his foot-steps. Prior to his premature death at the young age of 29, Richard always made time for the younger lads at each of the teams he felt privileged to play for. Richard played professional football for many clubs Northampton Town, Rushden & Diamonds, Kettering Town, Lincoln City, Oldham Athletic, Peterborough United, Nott's County, and Macclesfield Town.  


Backed by Northampton Borough Council, local MP Brian Bindley and council leader Mr David Mackintosh, Geraldine Davis, Tony Clarke and the Northamptonshire FA and a host of energetic volunteers, we hope to keep Richard's unselfish ethos alive by building a club house, for community use, serving young and old, as well as providing a pitch and training facilities for young boys and girls, at Far Cotton. The central focus is to teach sports skills that promote fitness, leading to a healthy attitude at a time when obesity and lack of amenities are threatening the future of our communities. So far we have raised £30,024.34p but we are well aware that we will need to reach out to stakeholders and corporate sponsors if we are to realise our long-term community dream


Many of the local children have never had the benefit of proper coaching, or even changing rooms, let alone safe facilities for parents to watch them play. Richard succeeded because he had two parents who backed him and made sacrifices, few others are fortunate enough to have that head start. The Far Cotton memorial pitch and club house will provide a friendly environment that will encourage single parents, carers and relatives to support optimistic budding players who want to emulate a local lads path into the people's game. Outside of football use we will encourage other local bodies to use the facilities that will be accessible to disabled and able bodied patrons alike.


please telephone or write to us with any questions or suggestions, as we believe that this vision can become a reality if everyone in the community pulls together. Thanking you in anticipation of your kind assistance in this matter.



Mrs Gail Butcher

Full Charity Richard Butcher Memorial Trust

Reg address 114 Euston Road Far cotton Northampton

Reg Number 1151743



we will doing the archaeological dig some time in June 2014 I will fill

everyone in with the dates once I know the full details.

24/02/ 2014 Our next meeting with the council regarding the memorial pitch will be on the 

4th March 2014

Ups date will be shown here in the near future thank you for being so patient and supporting our charity.

The Richard Butcher memorial Charity will be writing a letter in support of the Archaeological dig at eagle drive with the hope once this has been done the charity will be able to move on as regards the memorial pitch. But it is strange that the very person who has called for the dig was the very person who told us about the land in the first place. But it is important that the dig takes place so the charity is able to move on.

 27/01/2014 Hi everyone we have an update as regards the memorial pitch the battlefield report on the land in question at Eagle drive came back and they still can't say where the battle of Northampton took place but the council are asking the charity to help do a Archaeological dig on the site.

But as we are only a small Charity and we can't afford to use public money which has been raised for the community for a football pitch and club house we would like to ask all colleges and university's or anyone who can help to give there time to help with the dig if you really wish to help please contact me on 01604 453596 or email me or


 I would like to let people know this has been a roller coaster ride  I have been waiting on the council to get the Battlefield site report back on the site where we would like to put the memorial pitch

I have received an email today 02/01/2014 from the council who have told me within the next week or so I will have a copy of the report and a meeting will be held to talk about the way forward as regards the pitch and club house that we have been raising the money for so I will keep everyone informed once I know the out come I would like to thank everyone for being so patient as this has taken some time to get this far. So all I ask is for people to keep supporting the charity and please take the time to make a donation and support our great course once again thank you.

I had taken a back seat the last six months as my husband suffered a heart attack and had to undergo a triple bypass operation I am please to say he is doing fine and is slowly on the mend but it will take time.





We have now got charity statues reg number 1151743 which will allow us to start putting in for funding which will help move things on

 I had a good meeting with the council on the 24th June regarding the memorial pitch.

There are a few matters to be cleared up but everything is looking good so please show your support and donate to a good course for the community thank you

 Will up date you all as regards amounts raised and the memorial pitch.   

The council are in full support of our project and are
helping things move forward we have now applied for full charity statues which
we have been excepted we are just waiting for paper work to be finished then we
can start applying for funding to help our course. And we would like to thank
everyone who has shown there support and have helped raise money for the

Names on our charity Mrs Gail Butcher, Lisa Grayham, Geraldine Davies,

Mrs Sue Dean, Mr R G Butcher, Mr Gary Simpson X Macclesfield Manger

and our patronts are Mr Tony Clark and M.P Mr Brian Binley  



Northampton Town Football in
the Community's Development Centres were pleased to invite the parents of ex
Professional footballer Richard Butcher to their centre this week.

Richard Butcher an ex
Cobblers Youth team player, was an English professional footballer who played
as a midfielder from 1999 until his death in 2011. At the time of his death he
was playing for Football League Two sideMacclesfieldTown.

Richard's parents Gail and
Richard snr (known as Butch) are working with Northampton Borough Council to
provide new football facilities atEagle
  Drivein Far Cotton where young players and local
sides can play fixtures and train in Richard's memory.

And now the Cobblers charity
arm has thrown it's full support behind the couples plans.

Cllr Tony Clarke, chief
executive of the charity and former General Manager of NTFC said, Richard
devotion to football can live on through his parents total commitment to see
facilities in the local area being used to inspire tomorrows players.

The Council are still
looking at their plans for the Eagle Drive site, which caused some controversy
after the current equestrian centre and the battlefield trust both aired
concerns about the plan which originally including the input of the Saints Rugby
Club, it is now however believed that they have withdrawn their interest, but
Mr Clarke was keen to send a very positive message out to the local community,
and also ally fears over the scale of any potential project, he said

"Butch and Gail have nothing
but good in them, we appreciate questions will need to be answered and I know
that they want to cooperate fully with the equestrian centre and the
battlefield trust to find a positive outcome for all"

As far as Football in
the community are concerned we are just happy to lend our support, if we are
invited to support the venture with a physical presence on site we will,
equally we are happy being a football friend in the background. A lot of money
is being spent on Delapre Abbey in the years ahead and I believe it is
important to ensure that the local community in Far Cotton and Delapre also see
some benefit from the future plans for the Abbey grounds."

Richard/Gail said

They added "We only
want space for two pitches and a small clubhouse and changing room, We hope we
can be good neighbours to the equestrian centre and also that we can preserve
the site by sensitive leisure use of the land, a lot of misinformation has been
circulated by politicians which is unfortunate, but we are determined to work
with others for the community's gain.

Mr and Mrs Butcher are
pictured above with NTFC U15s/16s Boys Elite Squad.

Hi everyone just to up date you on the Richard Butcher Memorial pitch on the 11th july the paper work was passed through  Cabinet at our local council which is good news for us all. we still have a way to go but things are moving on.



Hi we had a meeting on the 7th June regarding the football pitch in memory of Richard Butcher we have left some plans with the council to give them some idea on what we are looking for at Egle Drive Delapre this do's not involve the saints or the cobblers but it do's involve the football in the community who have showed there support from start to finish.  I am hopping in the near future to be able to show the plans to everyone so people can see what we are trying to do for the community.  We hope things will be moving on in July so we can get started on our project we will keep you all informed.


Our next meeting regarding the football pitch in memory of richard is on the 11th June

 things are going very well we will keep people in formed stage my stage thank you.

 Our meeting with the council on the 22nd March with David Macintosh and Brandon Eldred  have shown Fantastic support of our pitch in memory of Richard Butcher at Eagle Drive Delapre and things are moving on a full report of what the council have ask us to do will be shown here.

There are certain procedures that have to be followed regarding the council and the English Heritage so we will keep everyone informed step by step.


 Our meeting with the council took place on the 28th february regarding our football pitch in memory of Richard Butcher we have been looking at land at Eagle Drive but there seems to be allot of red tap involved with the land so we have called a meeting with David Macintosh and Brandon Eldred and Tony Clark and Brian Bingley our MP on the 22nd March 2012 as they feel this is a good course for what we are trying to do.


There will be a memorial match in memory of Richard at sixfields Northampton F.C on the 24th may 2012 you will find more details on our fundraising event's page. Thank you

Lee Walker & Dale Walker & Glenn Butcher & Ashley Jarvise & Bob Pool will do the three peak challenge in 24 hours on the 2nd June 2012 in memory of Richard Butcher to raise money for our local football pitch  ( BEN NEVIS & SCAFELL PIKE & SNOWDON

Why we have said it is good to form your own groups to take part in the three peak challenge as two many people doing it together could course people not to finish as they will be waiting at the bottom of each mountain for people to catch up.

You only have 24 hours to do the 3 peaks challenge.  You will need your own driver so you can sleep between each mountain.

 If you would like to take part you will need your own transport and only form small groups of 5/6 people it is £6 per person to register please contact me on 01604 453596 if you would like to sponser them please donate on PAYPAL OR make cheques out to Richard Butcher Memorial Fund Northant's and send to 114 Euston Road Far Cotton Northampton NN4 8 DU.  CLICK ON LINK ABOVE TO READ ABOUT IT.



We had a meeting with the council on the 26th january 2012 about our football pitch in Far Cotton in Memory Of Richard Butcher.   The meeting went well but we still don't know enough about three peaces of  Land at the Abbey that we have been looking into so things have been held up and we will be having a meeting again in the near future.

The meeting did go well. We had at least 20 members at our meeting who are pushing for us to have our football pitch where we would like it.


24/9/2011  We are in talks with the local council regarding a full size pitch in our local area of far cotton. We would like the pitch  for all age groups.

Please support us we would like dugouts,club cabin for team photos & hot drinks and food while games are going on and flood lights please.

24/11/2011 we have 2,000 sign our petition for our pitch just in our local area Macclesfield Town F.C ( The full Team and Manager & Staff supported our petition for our pitch) 

Richards cousins have just done a 10k run from sixfields in memory of Richard to raise money for the pitch. more about that later. They raised £237.

12th November a meeting was held with Mr Brian Bingly M.P and he has sent letter's in full support of our football pitch in memory of Richard.

We will be having a meeting at the Guildhall regarding the pitch on the 1st December and i have invited some people from our local football team's to the meeting.


Our loco football team and club have raised £340 our Calendar is out know just £5.50 each you can get them from our loco club, Goldenhorse pub, Sandras Florists, It's A Gift, Cobblers Club Shop at Sixfields, our local Butcher's, Mr Slacks Dentists, Collins Cafe Famille,  or please phone me Gail on 01604 453596 if you would like one.  


Boxing Day 26th 2011 we raised £800 in Memory of Richard Butcher thankyou so much for all the support and well done to all our lads that took part. A bit more in the pot for our football pitch.

We have to thank a Mr John Smart from Macclesfield Town for his kind letter and a donation of £50 these fan's fly a Flag of Richard and Keith Alexander at every game. They paid for it out thier own pockets what a kind and special thing to do.  We can't thank them enough.

We had donations given to us over Christmas from the Fan's of Northampton Town at sixfields for our pitch we raised £185 thank you to everyone.

Also our loco club raised £53 more money for our fun thank you.  

1/11/2011 A meeting was held with Jenna Parton, Davied Mackintosh leader of the council

And Peter Strachan regarding our football pitch in our local area of Far Cotton in memory of Richard and they have been very supportive.  We have asked for certain land in our local area to be looked at to see where it is possible for the pitch to go and they have come up with some ideas of their own  to help us.

We will have to wait untill January 26th to find out so we will keep people informed of what is going on regarding the pitch.

people who are in support:  Geraldine Davis councillor , Brian Binley M.P , Kirsty Frior the F.A of Northampton, Roy Ainge Chairman Northampton Town Football League,

Tony Clark Cheif Exective Northampton Town F.C football in the community. Tony Johnson runs local football Teams and Keith Errington and Adam Sandy our x Cobblers player.  We would like to thank all these people for their support and all the local shops in our area who have shown so much support in helping us with our petition.

This football pitch is for our local teams of Far Cotton and every penny we raise will be spent on the pitch and go towards a club house , lighting , training equipment , and anything our football teams need. we don't just want it to be a football pitch but a place where young people who love football want to come and spent their time with their family's.

 Macclesfields Town football club have kept in contact with us regarding the pitch also showing their support thank you so much.