Registered Charity Number 1151743 RICHARD BUTCHER MEMORIAL TRUST

Macclesfield Town x Manger Gary Simpson Joins our board
Richard Butcher Memorial

Mrs Gail Butcher, Mr R Butcher ,
Mrs Rachel jarvis , Miss Gemma Hall, 
Miss Geraldine Davies, Lisa Grayham ,   Gary Simpson


 Dear Sir or Madam


We at the Richard Butcher Memorial Trust (Registered Charity Number 1151743) wish to celebrate the life of Richard Butcher, who started his football career thanks to a Youth Training Scheme opportunity with his home-town club, the Cobblers, by offering other young footballers, a chance to follow in his foot-steps. Prior to his premature death at the young age of 29, Richard always made time for the younger lads at each of the teams he felt privileged to play for. Richard played professional football for many clubs Northampton Town, Rushden & Diamonds, Kettering Town, Lincoln City, Oldham Athletic, Peterborough United, Nott’s County, and Macclesfield Town.  


Backed by Northampton Borough Council, local MP Brian Bindley and council leader Mr David Mackintosh, Geraldine Davis, Tony Clarke and the Northamptonshire FA and a host of energetic volunteers, we hope to keep Richard's unselfish ethos alive by building a club house, for community use, serving young and old, as well as providing a pitch and training facilities for young boys and girls, at Far Cotton. The central focus is to teach sports skills that promote fitness, leading to a healthy attitude at a time when obesity and lack of amenities are threatening the future of our communities. So far we have raised £30,024.34p but we are well aware that we will need to reach out to stakeholders and corporate sponsors if we are to realise our long-term community dream.


Many of the local children have never had the benefit of proper coaching, or even changing rooms, let alone safe facilities for parents to watch them play. Richard succeeded because he had two parents who backed him and made sacrifices, few others are fortunate enough to have that head start. The Far Cotton memorial pitch and club house will provide a friendly environment that will encourage single parents, carers and relatives to support optimistic budding players who want to emulate a local lads path into the people's game. Outside of football use we will encourage other local bodies to use the facilities that will be accessible to disabled and able bodied patrons alike


please telephone or write to us with any questions or suggestions, as we believe that this vision can become a reality if everyone in the community pulls together. Thanking you in anticipation of your kind assistance in this matter.


Mrs Gail Butcher

Full Charity Richard Butcher Memorial Trust

Reg address 114 Euston Road Far cotton Northampton

Reg Number 1151743



Our next meeting with the council regarding the memorial pitch will be on the 4th March 2014

Ups date will be shown here in the near future thank you for being so patient and supporting our charity.

The council are in full support of our project and are
helping things move forward we have now applied for full charity statues which
we have been excepted we are just waiting for paper work to be finished then we
can start applying for funding to help our course. And we would like to thank
everyone who has shown there support and have helped raise money for the

 The Richard Butcher community trust Northampton

Aims & Objectives

Provide a youth and community facility in Far
Cotton to honour the memory of local footballer Richard Butcher.

To secure a suitable site for a football pitch
and eventually provide playing, changing and community facilities.

To work with local residents, community and
charity groups to jointly deliver the facilities


Butcher was a local 'Cotton Lad' with a proven talent for playing
football. With practice, dedication,
ambition and most importantly the support of his family and community Richard
achieved his dream of playing football at a professional level.  Richard sadlydied peacefully in his sleep on 10 January aged 29 years. 

was always a supporter of 'grass routes' football and he was well aware of the
opportunities, confidence and fun that this provides for young people.  However the facilities within the local area
are sadly lacking and we therefore see the best way to honour Richards memory is
to help provide sufficient youth and community facilities for young people in
the Far Cotton area.

and national support for this has been astounding and as such ongoing
fundraising has raised sufficient monies to enable the project to be seriously considered.
Richards's parents have therefore been working with local Councillors and
Community groups to secure provision of a suitable facility.


youth and children's football clubs are in urgent need of good facilities in
which to both practice and play at competition level, in order to do this
effectively and as a minimum they need a decent and playable pitch in order to
conduct their sporting activities. With
this in mind the following sites that have been considered:


Far Cotton Boys Club, Towcester Road

Far Cotton Rec

c)Delapre Abbey

d)Delapre Lower School.

(E land at Eagle Drive Delapre Abbey

Far Cotton Boys Club. A parcel of land, believed
to be in the ownership of NCC, to the east of the boys club has been
considered. However the land is constrained in terms of both size and
topography and is not considered suitable.

Far Cotton Rec. There are existing football
pitches on the Rec, and changing facilities in the Community Centre. However
the Recs status as a Town Green restricts further development and enhancement
of the pitches eg provision of fencing or dugouts would not be appropriate. More specifically the local youth/children's teams
are not able to secure a pitch given the popularity with other adult teams.

Delapre Abbey. Land away from the Abbey has and
is currently being used as football pitches. There are empty buildings at the
farm / stable block which could be utilised for changing and club facilities.
Further opportunities might exist to work with FODA and MENCAP to integrate
facilities and build a stronger community facility in the area.

Delapre Primary School. The school playing field
is already used by local football clubs and could be enhanced. However
additional club facilities are likely to add to existing difficulties with
parking and inconvenience to local residents. Use of facilities in school times
would not be possible and the hiring of school facilities out of school times defeats
the objective of local 'ownership' and ease of use.


we are looking at land at Eagle Drive Delapre Abbey which

would be well suited for our communtiy football pitch

in memory of Richard Butcher we are working with the council

on this matter. 


the careful consideration of the above opportunities the favoured option would
be to enhance the facilities already in use at Delapre Park and initially to
pursue the introduction of a marked full size football pitch with removable
goal posts and removable dugouts on land north of the main Drive at Delapre
Abbey. This is an ambitious plan but
well thought out and it is the intention to complete this within a series of
stages as detailed below:

one (Short term)

Group would wish to enter into an arrangement with NBC to improve drainage at
the site and to provide ongoing grounds maintenance to a standard to allow year
round use of the pitch.

two (medium to long term)

term the Group would seek wider support and agreement to establish changing rooms
and a club room nearby. Options that have been investigated are a joint
facility with FODA, use of MENCAP centre and a new facility as part of the
Southbridge development.

Conservation - The area in question is in a
public park and conservation area. Sensitivities exist in respect of the
setting of a facility in or near to a listed building and near the site of the
battle of Northampton. The group are mindful of these issues and further advice
would be needed on the implications of these factors and any limitations that
they may impose.  


·   Initial advice demonstrates that the proposals
would not inadvertently affect the conservation area. The required works to ensure effective
drainage of the pitch can take place without any outward damage to the
area. It is the intention that any
dugouts or seating facilities would be either in keeping with the surrounding
environment or completely removable. In essence unless you were watching them
play you would not know it was a football pitch.

· As above there is no intention to build on the
land but to utilise and enhance existing facilities which would be done in line
with current planning policy.

Local opposition - there could be a fear that
allowing such a facility could jeopardise the integrity of the Abbey.


· However the Group are equally aware of the
benefits of building community involvement in the area, and particularly the
benefits of providing a means for local youngsters to have a stake in the
future of the Abbey.

The proposal would offer facilities that are
available at other park facilities within the town i.e. the Racecourse and
Abington parks.

The proposal works along side the councils own
ambitions to improve facilities and opportunities for young people in line with
the responsibilities of the new park rangers.

The proposals would work with existing groups
such as FODA with the aim of encouraging greater use of the whole of the area.

Local support for the facilities is great with
over 2,000 people signing a petition to see the project realised. Still more
petition to come back from people.


taking place in Richards name has raised sufficient funds to realise stage one
of the project and for initial investment into stage two. 

term funding would come from the following sources:


The F.A. (note on funding)


(sport in the community) tony Clarke - note

Richards Butchers

team funding

in hours - i.e. local builders time etc



It is the intention to set up a board to oversee the long
and short term management of the project, due to the popularity of the project
there have been a vast number of volunteers however the initial board members
will consist of:

Gail Butcher      Mother of Richard Butcher

Other board members shown above and picture.


The long term commitment and funding opportunities could
greatly benefit the area and as such it is the intention that the foundation
will eventually enter into being a charitable trust. (GD to include more)


has always been the intention that this project is predominantly for the
community of Far Cotton and surrounding areas and it would not have progressed
thus far without the support of the local community. The following offers a summary of those
groups and individuals consulted and their views of the project:

The local community -



Surestart -


Delapre Primary